December 11, 2005

The Pink Lady

That´s a scan (!) from my finalized art book. I've just realized that the original art file of this drawing may be lost forever. Maybe I just redo everything back as a vector again...

Esse é um scan (!) do meu livro de artes finalizado. Eu acabei de descobrir que o arquivo orignal desse desenho pode estar perdido pra sempre. Talvez eu apenas o refaça como vetor novamente...


  1. COOLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL LADY :) and goodddddddddd night :P

  2. Do you have any work related to Paris by chance? A figure with the eiffel tower in the background? Could be cool to share on my site.

  3. Thanks for your wishes :) yes today at night I m leaving to New York ,I will visit to all my family :) so I wish a beautiful Christmas and Happy New Year ;D to you and your family :) . Take care

  4. Shigues: you welcome, the links help me to remind the blogs and of course the links belong to many excellent artists too ;).
    I dont think so, I want to forget computers for a while ;). I will try to enjoy all my days wih my family I cant posted the final version because I was packing my bags ;P,time is running ;).

  5. I love the bend in the pose and the design is tight as usaul loving her. great colours too bty the way

  6. fala Brasileiro! bem vindo ao blog!

    thanks for dropping by my blog. I really like this piece. You should make more! :)

    If you have any specific questions regarding digital painting, just let me know, ok?


  7. Thanks for the kind words people! I´m very happy that you all are liking my works and visiting my blog. I promisse to keep the drawings coming! I wish to all of you all the luck of the world!

    ps: Oh boy... I really can´t find my vector file of this drawing. :(

  8. Hey,

    I have been looking yor work and... wow... look GREAT!

    Thanks for your comments!



  9. no comments... hhehehehehehhehe

  10. like your graphic style..... n your head studies are quite inspiring......

  11. I hate it when that happens... I lost many of my older illos due to a meltdown with my old computer.

    I feel for you...

    btw, BEAUTIFUL pic

  12. wow.....simply fantastic!

  13. Grande SHIGUES!!!!!
    Parabéns my friend!!! Como sempre os seus trabalhos estão magnificos!!!!
    Agora fica mais fácil pra gente se manter por dentro do q anda aprontando!!!
    Grande Abraço man!!

  14. Hot chick! hahahah! great work...
    man! keep it up the good far max from me...for all your works dude!