December 15, 2005

Spy Girl

Okay, there´s nothing in her that reminds a spy. Except by the gun maybe. But... who cares?
Try to find any perfect circle in the drawing.

Certo, não tem nada nela que lembre um espião. Exceto a arma talvez. Mas... e daí?
Tente encontrar um círculo perfeito no desenho.


  1. Ahahahaha.....
    Eu achei esse desenho muito lindo, aliás, o melhor de todos, essa espiã, que não tem nada de espiã parece mais uma advogada, é muito simpática.
    Já disse que vc desenha muito bem, é incrível como seus desenhos ficam bonitos.
    Parabéns, Gabi... Vc merece!!! Sucesso pra vc!!!
    By the way, "try to find any perfect circle in the drawing" you're really very very funny...

  2. I found it! A perfect curve! In the butt, legs and tits! Oooo! Yeah! Hahaha! This is the perfect female version of Flashback! Remember that? Nice game for Megadrive!

  3. You've got a great blog. Love all your vector illustrations. Do you have links to your flash work? You've got some killer character designs.

  4. Well... I don´t have any flash material on the net to show you. I´m trying to discover where I can upload them to put the links here too. But when I find this out I´ll tell you, Gerald!

    Thank you all for the nice feedback!

  5. Love your style. The use of colour is magnificient. Can't wait to see more.

  6. Cool and edgey work! Keep them posting!

  7. automatic winner just cause of the green but seriously that's real fly.

  8. ps wanted to know if I could add u 2 my links

  9. Sure! I´ll be flattered if you add my blog to yours links. Thank you Mr. John Street!

    Serapio, I´ll try to post at least twice per week with new stuffs. Right now, I´m doing some more drawings.

    Thank you all again!

  10. Grande SHIGUES!!!!!
    Parabéns my friend!!! Como sempre os seus trabalhos estão magnificos!!!!
    Agora fica mais fácil pra gente se manter por dentro do q anda aprontando!!!
    Grande Abraço man!!