June 22, 2006

Mulata Requebrando! (illo fri)

Past week I saw a samba show here in São Paulo. When I saw that "dance" would be this week´s theme for illo friday I didn´t think twice. That´s it! A mulata shaking her body in a carnival day. Such a pretty view, believe me.

I would like also to thanks everybody for the nice comments on my blog. Unfortunally I´m not abble to aswer wich one of you properly, for matters of time. Don´t you think I don´t care. I really love to visit everybody blogs and check the progress. THANK YOU ALL!

June 11, 2006

Square SW

Just a silly illo about jedis and sith lords. I´m remembering how to draw in Flash. Sometimes I miss the simplicity of vector works.

Apenas um desenho bobo sobre Jedis e Lordes Sith. Estou relembrando o Flash. As vezes eu sinto falta da simplicidade de se trabalhar com vetor.

June 8, 2006

Superman Returns (to my blog)

Okay, I admit: I´m a big Supes fan! Can´t wait so see the special fx in the new movie. It Seens that will be a great one this time, I mean, just look at Lex.

Certo, eu confesso: sou um grande fã do Super. Não posso esperar para ver os efeitos especiais no novo filme. Parece que será um filmasso, só pelo Lex.