April 21, 2007

the Old DarkElf

I'm reading an fantasy book at the moment and I have this strange will of drawing things I imagine from the tale.


  1. Very nice artwork! Reminds me in this old book-printing graphics of the 30'th. (Heheh, i'm curius about what we would see if you would read something like 'american psycho'or stuff like that)
    And NO, I sadly must disappoint you. Against the majority opinion we don't have so much blonde women in Germany (or perhaps i'm to blind to know the right spots to look for)

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  3. eheheh parecia-me um macaco, mas depois li o título. Adorei! Está genial!

  4. cool.

    though he's definitely had too much to drink/smoke already.

    looks like Keith Richards a bit:)