June 23, 2007


... carefully living and trying to be TRUE ...

June 16, 2007

New Portrait

I hate to post pictures on my profile, but I can't find a cool pic either... so I decided to play a little with PS and mix photo+drawing. I always thought this drawing puppets looks kinda funny. The original file I took from here. That's my new avatar (by now).

June 11, 2007

Indian (in a bad mood)

My illustration teacher used to say that I like to "lick" the painting 'till it gets no brush strokes, just smooth gradients. That's true, its hard for me to know when to stop painting. So, I did this drawing and decided to stop in the middle of the process. Hope you like it!

note: I'm trying to get the thing with PS, since I not using Painter by now.

June 9, 2007

Spidey 3

Yeah, I've watched the new feature film from our friend Spidey, twice, and I like it! So, I couldn't hold my pencils on lunch time and that's the result: Venon vs Parker sketch. In my humble opinion, this movie is even better than the other two. Great special FX, dramatization, gorgeous girls everywhere... and kick-ass villains.

June 6, 2007


I've been reading the gospels and I keep seeing this image while I try to figure how would be to see and hear from Jesus himself.