August 27, 2007

Indie Gri (Ingrid)

Ingrid is one of that very rare type of friend that you must be glad if you find one of that kind in your entire life. As me, she is trying to understant the world by walking alone across it, living new experiences and discovering alot more of herself. She is fully emotive, passioned, girly-latin-lover person and there`s not a better place to someone like that to be as Paris.

Yesterday I read her blog, all the posts, a kind of diary of her adventures. Just like mine! And I think I discovered a new friend within an old one. Funny how things change when you know secrets about people. But Ingrid isn`t ashamed of telling her fellings, her fears, her desires... and she do it so well that inspired me to make a little draw of her. Hope you liked Gui! Love!

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