August 6, 2007

Musashi - the path of the warrior

Altought not recognized as a true bushi by some japanese experts, Musashi is a icon of the samurai culture. He started from nothing, as a hungry little boy in a small village called Miyamoto, and became one of the greatest warriors in Japan. Famous by using both swords during a embate, Musashi has won over 60 deadly duels during his live. I see his personal path as a analogyof my own live, walking through wildness, facing every kind of difficulties, meeting important friends and always chasing the dream of become "strong". It`s easy to imagine the decisions of take as duels, the ways of life as unknow paths throghout montains and forests...

This is a simple study over the character, I was trying to get the thing again in Painter. Has being over 4 months since I last used it. The drawing is a little loose for my style, but I`m posting anyway. Later I intent to do a better homenage to one of my favorite historical figure: Miyamoto Musashi.


  1. iae rapazóte como que estas?
    gostei dessas paletadonas hein

  2. Hey thank you for the post. It means alot as it is hard to have confidence when no one knows you. YOu are quite amazing yourself. I really like your style. Very professional.

  3. year, what a nice Artwork, and this on my birthday! It's a sign?

  4. miyamoto musashi, i first found out about thru the dreamcast game 'brave fencer musashi' and was amazed to learn it was based on a historical figure. good job with the artwork on one of my favorite japanese historic heros

  5. Hey there. Nice work. I'd like to talk to you about some projects I'd like to do along this line.

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