August 9, 2007

Sketching at Work!

Don't tell my boss, but I just can't hold the will of sketching in any piece of paper. Bills, Letters, anything with a blank part would do. As the computer saves a work or load the e-mails, my eyes turn to the block at the side of my keyboard, and I draw without compromise, no rush, just for fun.

When somebody crosses the run and says: "hey, that look like Terminator" So, I make some elements to transform my drawing onto that.

Usually I draw something that I found interesting that day. If I see a pretty girl at the street, it's a good theme for another drawing. And so on...


  1. Awesome looking terminator.

  2. falaêeeee!!! blz!
    obrigado pelo comentário, muito bons seus trabalhos!!! como é que estão as coisas por ai? Espero q vc esteja bem, abrs! sucesso e parabéns pelos trabalhos. abrs Avelino

  3. That chick is awesome. My daughter would say she's "sassy." Very nice pose. Totally uncouth and sexy.

  4. oooooooow.
    essa mina ficou muito louca hein!


    abs. shigues