January 24, 2008

Sketches made in CLASS

Ok, I know I shouldn't do this, but I can't help it. Any small blank area in my lessons would do, so I can run away to wonderland where I can draw whatever I have in mind. In this case my sensei and a class-mate.


  1. like your pencil sketch. somthing fresh.

  2. Really great expression on the color sketch, great smile and cool style!

  3. Very cool style! I like your work. I´m a spanish illustrator.

    Fer R Monroy

  4. Grande Shigues!! Sua arte tá evoluindo a largos passos, parabéns! Tô de olho.
    Great Shigues! Your artwork is getting better day by day, congratulations!! I'll keep my eyes on ya.
    Guilherme - Mack/ Moderna