February 25, 2008

YAMASA Speech Book Cover

Every year Yamasa, the japanese school where I'm in, organizes an speech contest where all the advanced students has to participate with their own texts written in japanese. After the event the school gathers all written speeches into an book and distributes it for free. My teacher asked me to draw something for the cover, but didn´t say exactly what would be good.

I made an illustration representing everything most of the students likes about Japan, at least what I think they do. Starting by an gorgeous japanese girl wearing an samurai armor, representing the beautiful girls, that attracts most of the guys here, and the armor that represents the culture and martial arts. She is holding a banner where is written "japanese" in kanji, which is the language everybody is learning at the school. The symbol in her helmet is the symbol of the organization that holds Yamasa.

After done I realized that I've draw the girl very sexy, a thing that may shock the teachers in the school. So I done some modifications to cover some "fresh" excesses. I don´t know yet which one will be used. In the left side you can check out the first version.

February 16, 2008

Painting with Light

Some drawings I made working with white instead of black, rough studies. It makes you think backwards and helps a lot to understand how the shapes behave within lighting.

February 10, 2008

Join me - IF

Choice is always a difficult thing to take, specially when your father decide it for you. For IF.

"Join me. Together we can rule the galaxy as father and son."