March 14, 2008

Kamiya Sensei

What I can say about Kamiya? Well, she is a gorgeous japanese teacher. Its incredible to watch her explanations. She is the prettiest asian girl I've met so far in my life. Her name means "Valley of the Gods", so I suppose she must be an Goddess! That would explain a lot of things.

I just cant hold it, when I see such a beautiful woman and there is pencil and paper around I have to draw. Its a shame that my skills ain't that good yet to make a appropriate portrait of her beauty. But I do what I can right?

Of course that a picture would help. Painting from memory isn't the best way of make a portrait. Let's see if she let me take some pictures. ;)

March 12, 2008


From the "don't tell sensei" series, one more study made in class. Yeah, I know, it isn't Japanese grammar, but it's a cultural study anyway. Right?

Fukada Sensei, I love her face. A lot of oblique lines and interesting shapes. I just pay attention to whatever she says.